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Course Intermediate Whitewater Skills Kayak - Making the Moves & Stepping it up to Grade 3
Course Dates 08/06/2024 - 10/06/2024
Closing Date 27/05/2024
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Intermediate Whitewater Skills Kayak - Making the Moves & Stepping it up to Grade 3

This 3-day course focuses on improving paddling through stroke efficiency and stroke sequencing while using river features to the paddlers advantage. We will graduate your learning by starting on flat water before applying these complex moves on Grade 2 and  3 water.

We will have a strong focus on river scouting to choose preferred lines (rather than following someone down the river). Your instructor will create challenges for you to practice these complex and precision moves, for example setting a slalom course or using natural river features to set specific river lines.

This course is for anyone comfortable paddling Grade 2 rivers and ready to step up to Grade 3.  A slicey tailed boat would be the ideal but any river boat is fine.

This course is usually run on Grade 2 and 3 rivers such as the Mersey or similar.

Duration: 3 days

Cost: $525 members / $$675 non-members

Start: 9am 8th June Mersey River (Arm River Camp) Finish: 4pm 2 April

For further enquiries contact Jen Cooper on

National Training provider Paddle Tasmania
Phone 0475142910
Course Location Mersey ,TAS
Course Cost $ 675.00
non-members $525 members
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