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Course Tench Flatwater Paddling Supervisor
Course Dates 11/08/2022 - 12/08/2022
Closing Date 10/08/2022
Course Information

You will receive a quiz and project to complete before final assessment. Please use the project outlined below for Supervisor

Paddle Supervisor Project

(Last updated by Ian Royds 10/08/2022)


In addition to the on-line quiz sent after registration the following document should be produced and submitted to your Assessor prior to final assessment.

Below you will find several tasks to be completed using the following scenario:

Plan a paddling activity with a group of eight Year 7 students in a location of your choice. The location must fit within the qualification definition (flat, sheltered water near launch area).

Prepare a Project with the following sections:


1.     Activity Plan: Who, when, where etc.

2.     Participant Details: Name, experience, contact, medical, include leaders and their qualifications.

3.     Risk Management Plan: Outline risk management strategies for the activity including placement of supervisory staff, communications (signals and systems for you and your staff), rescue plans and First Aid support

4.     Risk Assessment: Before and after controls are put into place to mitigate risk

5.     Equipment List: An equipment list for the activity, taking into consideration sun sense and hypothermia precautions, and including equipment for group communication and rescue.

6.     Departure Briefing: A briefing in point form to be delivered prior to departure, to include signals, posture, Flatwater paddle strokes, capsize issues, and actions in the event of sickness or other emergency.

7.     Weather Analysis: Look at the Bureau of Meteorology site and choose a forecast for the location that will have an impact on your activity. Analyse how the forecast conditions will or will not affect your activity and outline any changes or precautions you might take. Include cut-off conditions that would cancel your activity.

8.     Log Book

Logbooks are an evidence tool to show that you have the necessary experience to lead groups on canoeing activities. They may be in a variety of formats including journals, formula style or electronic. There is a free Paddle Log App available from Paddle Australia and this source is required for later award re-ratification. However, many paddlers also keep a personal log. All log books for assessment should be verified by a third person (a name and phone number will do).  There are various versions of log books available online but the following is given as a general guide for the information logged:

Kayak Activity Log                     Name: Fred Nurk (PAid No382901)











Who with:

Incl. a valid contact no.

My role





Learn paddle strokes


"The Minnows' at Burradoo

FW short reach protected from wind



3 hrs,

7 X inxperienced students

Glenn Rob ph: 0407xxxxxx



Ck. boat

Fine, sunny, no wind. Under water jetty poles. No other dangers


Play canoe polo

Bowral Swimming Pool

Main pool

Protected site


2.0 hrs

7 X students 12 to 16 yo

Ph: Anne R



Play boat

Warm, clean water.

Helmets mandatory


On water activities to be carried out in a variety of locations and conditions

Minimum log book requirement

In the previous three years:

·       Four Flatwater activities of a minimum of one and a half hours duration

·       Two Flatwater activities of at least one and half hours duration as an observer under training or as an assistant Supervisor

·       Two Flatwater activities of at least one and half hours duration as lead Supervisor

For Penrith 

Last updated by Ian Royds 26/07/2022



Things To Do Beforehand

• Read the Flatwater Instructor and Guide Learner Manual available on the PNSW website. 
• Bring food and drink for the day, as there will be little spare time.
• Bring a kayak and canoeing gear including PFD, helmet (optional), footwear, clothing appropriate for swimming, spare clothing etc. Make sure your craft is safe with hand loops, buoyancy etc.
• First Aid Kit and any personal medications
• Bring a throw rope and a simple Rescue Kit if you have one. (If you are seeking a qualification then you must be able to demonstrate that you are ‘ready to go’ as a Supervisor on the day of assessment(
• Register and pay the course fee to PaddleNSW beforehand to secure a place.
• Pen and clipboard
• Download your ‘Paddlers Logbook’ onto the Paddle Australia (PA) Paddle Log app and any other relevant certificates as the assessor must sight these before a qualification can be given.
• On-water snacks
• Please bring tolerance and good humour as I will be trying my best to accommodate everyone’s needs in the limited time available. People come with different competencies.


Getting There

We will meet at …Tench Park…………………………………………. 8.30am for a 9am start.

First Aid and CPR are no longer a prerequisite for a Paddle Supervisor Award but may be required by
your employer or client.

Course conducted according to NSW Department of Health Covid rules. 
National Training provider Paddle NSW
Phone 02-87361254
Course Location Tench Reserve Penrith,NSW
Course Cost $ 395.00 Includes Training and assessment however a separate invoice will be sent from Paddle Australia for your 3 year registration certificate which includes insurance. 
Please ensure you have been in contact with Paddle NSW prior to registering for this Course to ensure you have the appropriate skills and information to take part.
There will be a $90.00 fee to register your qualification with Paddle Australia for 3 years. You will only be invoiced for your PA registration once all requirements for the qualification have been completed and submitted to Paddle Australia.

The closing date for registrations has passed. Please contact Paddle NSW to determine if they provide late registrations for this Course.