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Course Intermediate Whitewater Packrafting Course - 3 days No2
Course Dates 10/09/2022 - 12/09/2022
Closing Date 30/08/2022
Course Information IntermediaternWhitewater Packraft Course rnrn

Dates: Saturday 10 to Monday 12 September 2022

Venue: Forth River Whitewater Course & Nearby Rivers (possibly including Mersey Whitewater Course or other sections of the Mersey)

Accommodation: Camping (own tents) at Forth River Whitewater Course

Fee: $495 non-member $396 members includes 3-day course and camping fees 

Enquiries about Registration and Payments: Contact Paddle Tasmania Development Officer Sandra Kent via or 0497 861 887

Enquiries about Course Details or Suitability: Contact Mark Oates via or Dan Hall via

Start/Finish Times: Course officially starts at 9:00 am Saturday 10th at the Forth Whitewater Course and concludes approximately 3:00 pm Monday 12th September (at an alternative venue/river but likely still 1.5 hours from Launceston).

Details: Paddle Tasmania will be conducting a 3-day Intermediate Whitewater Packrafting Course in northern Tasmania that is designed to accommodate those moving into grade 2/3 whitewater as well as those already paddling grade 2+/3 rivers. It is expected that participants will already have completed a beginner course or have equivalent training/experience in a kayak. This course will likely suit those just moving into whitewater more than the standard intermediate course as the first two days will be on easier whitewater at the Forth Whitewater Course.

Camping: There is really good camping at the Forth Whitewater Course site. The site has basic toilet facilities and an undercover decked area however that is all. Friends/relatives of participants who are not undertaking the course are also welcome to camp although an additional fee of $10 pp per night is required. At this stage it is undecided whether the group will camp at the same location on the Sunday night or move to an alternative location closer to the venue we will paddle on the Monday.

Participants will need to provide all of their own camping gear including tent,stove, sleeping gear, etc. There are no facilities other than toilets at our campsite locations.

Instructors: The course will be led by Paddle Australia Senior Whitewater Instructors Mark Oates and Dan Hall with the likelihood of additional whitewater instructors.

Who is it for? It is ideally suited to those who currently paddle grade 2 rivers as well as those who are aspiring to learn to paddle grade 3 safely & competently. The focus of this course is on developing safety and technical knowledge specific to packrafts being used on grade 2+whitewater. There will number of in-water practical components and all participants should be prepared for sessions involving capsizes plus swimming and wading in moving water (wetsuits are highly recommended or ideally drysuits if available).

Location Details: Drive approximately 8km south of Forth towards Wilmot and look on the left for a large sign next to a gate that indicates ‘Tasmanian Canoe Club’. Toilets are located up towards the road with camping down on the river flats. On Google Maps the location is listed as Forth River Whitewater Course:

We will then move to a new location for the Monday. This could be a range of rivers within an hour of the Forth. Which river we use will depend on river levels and the group’s ability.


  • Group Safety Considerations & Equipment
  • River Communications
  • Essentialrn Technical Paddling Strokes 
  • Creatingrn Power 
  • Improving Edging Utilisingrn Cross-Current Momentum to your Advantage
  • Multiplern Techniques for Entering and Exiting Eddies
  • Achieving objectives through utilising Position, Angle, Speed, Head, Edgingrn and Strokes
  • Improving Efficiency on paddling a Pre-Defined Course
  • Self and Assisted Rescues
  • Scoutingrn and Setting Safety
  • Defensive and Aggressive Swimming in Moving Water
  • Throwbagging Techniques and Practice
  • Improvisation Techniques for Lost Paddles/Boats or Injured Paddler
  • Practical Rescue Scenarios
  • Paddlingrn as a Team

Paddling Equipment List: Participants will need to provide and bring their own packraft & all personal paddling gear including a decent PFD, paddle and whitewater paddling helmet. It is highly recommended that all packrafts have thigh straps. As the water can be very cold at that time of year, either a drysuit (recommended) or decent wetsuit is required. Some participants who bring wetsuits choose to bring two so that they can swap a wet one out for a dry one. Decent footwear (sturdy and warm) is essential.

  • Own packraft (ideally with thigh straps) with some form of attached bowrn and stern perimeter lines 
  • WW PFD (personal floatation device)
  • WW kayak helmet (NOT a climbing or bike helmet)
  • WW paddle
  • Drysuitrn or full wetsuit with drytop or cag
  • Appropriate footwear for paddling and walking
  • Drybag for carrying essential gear during trips
  • Lightweight pack in case we need to walk into or out of a river
  • Personal medications, sunscreen, etc
  • Thermos or similar (optional)r

Optional if available: throwbag, river knife, slings, carabiners, personal rescue gear

National Training provider Paddle Tasmania
Phone 0497656710
Course Location Forth, 7310,TAS
Course Cost $ 495.00 Non-members $396 members
Please ensure you have been in contact with Paddle Tasmania prior to registering for this Course to ensure you have the appropriate skills and information to take part.
There will be a $20.00 fee to register your qualification with Paddle Australia for 3 years. You will only be invoiced for your PA registration once all requirements for the qualification have been completed and submitted to Paddle Australia.

The maximum limit of participants registered has been reached. Please contact Paddle Tasmania to determine if they provide a standby list for this Course.