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Course PAQS Leaders & Coaches Conference
Course Dates 16/07/2022 - 17/07/2022
Closing Date 12/07/2022
Course Information
PAQS Leaders and Coaches Conference
16-17 July, 2022
Penrith (Castlereagh Conference Centre)

It has been 10 years since the last PNSW Education Conference.
Join us in Penrith (onsite accommodation and catering supplied) to UPDATE, ENGAGE, REFRESH, CATCH UP

Conference Schedule:

Day 1: Paddle Education in NSW â€“ increasing effectiveness.

Hands-on Workshop: Coaching or Instructing? Reviewing Flatwater Skills.

Hands-on Workshop: Mentoring and Paddle Education Networks

On-Water Activities: Teach Paddle Skills Effectively and Efficiently (includes technique updates) 


Day 2:

Hands-on Workshop: Effective Training Strategies

Hands-on Workshop: Quality Assessment Strategies â€“ stepping up to becoming an instructor and assessor (PAQSfocus)

Hands-on Workshop: Writing Training Programs (Coaching focus)

On-Water Activities: Effective Assessment (incorporates injury free paddling behaviours). Participants doing the Flatwater Skills Award can choose to be assessed during this session.


Got any questions: 
Lynn Parker (PAQS) at
Margi Bohm (Coaches) at

After registration you will find that you’re also registered in a Conference Paddle Supervisors Award. This is part of a workshop scenario to help you become more familiar with the new PA online leaders and coach system AND tell us the common denominator between Coaches and PAQS leaders. You will receive various resources to review and identify the important aspects of your work as a leader and/or coach. Please take a moment to complete prior to the Conference to familiarise yourself with the topics discussed in these documents to facilitate hands on learning during the workshop sessions. A major outcome of the exercise is the development of an understanding of the similarities between leader and coach education and the gaps that need to be addressed. 

Please bring paddling gear (it may be chilly), a boat and paddle for the on-water sessions. If you cannot bring your own equipment, please let Lynn or Margi know so that we can provide equipment for you."

Don’t miss the pre-conference webinars to prepare you with excellent background information for the conference topics. 

Also, if you are time poor and very close to completing a qualification, take this opportunity to go the distance. Contact Lynn (PAQS) and Margi (Coaches) to discuss further. 

National Training provider Paddle NSW
Phone 02-87361254
Course Location Penrith,NSW
Course Cost $ 75.00

Early Bird $75/p. Subsidised by PaddleNSW and includes venue hire, meals, accommodation if your quick to register. Travel costs may be available to PNSW members  (

Should accommodation be at maximum, you still may be able to attend daily. Please email for details and an alternate registration. 
Please ensure you have been in contact with Paddle NSW prior to registering for this Course to ensure you have the appropriate skills and information to take part.
There will be a $90.00 fee to register your qualification with Paddle Australia for 3 years. You will only be invoiced for your PA registration once all requirements for the qualification have been completed and submitted to Paddle Australia.

The closing date for registrations has passed. Please contact Paddle NSW to determine if they provide late registrations for this Course.