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Course Adv Whitewater Skills - Kayak
Course Dates 30/10/2021 - 31/10/2021
Closing Date 20/10/2021
Course Information

It's happening again folks!  Last years advanced skills coaching course was a huge success leaving everyone asking for more, so here it is again!  We have some fantastic coaches coming along, many of whom have represented Australia in their various disciplines and all with a great variety of skills and attributes to share. This year we have the addition of some Pilates sessions for kayakers and we think people will be surprised at the benefits to their paddling!

When: 30-31 October 2021

Where: Mersey white water course

What: This course aims to improve technical white water skills to make you smoother and more efficient on the river.  

Who: The course is aimed at any paddler who can handle themselves comfortably on the Mersey white water course and is looking to improve or 'tune up' their skills.  Dan Hall has been paddling for close to 40 years now but is still learning how to paddle! Dan says "I believe everyone can continue to improve, no matter what level they are at. Never stop learning.  Always seek to improve."

Proposed instructors (depending on course numbers):

Dan Hall 

Dave Borojevic

Rohan Borojevic

Mark Oates

Justin Boocock 

Yung Ok Yoo (pilates instructor) -

Yung ok Yoo is the owner and Principal instructor at True Pilates Sydney Studio in Surry Hills, Sydney. Trained in Sydney and New York, Yung ok has 13 years experience teaching the Pilates method - both nationally and internationally in United States, Brazil and New Zealand. 

Yung ok is also civilian Pilates contractor for the Department of Defence. Yung ok has been paddling whitewater since 2015 and has paddled in the Canada, the Americas and NZ. 

Proposed schedule:

Saturday, October 30 AM

-Pilates for kayakers (approximately 40 mins)

-Flat water session on the lake with the main focus on correcting/improving forward paddling technique but we will also focus on all other strokes.  This will be followed by the introduction of a number of slalom inspired flat water training drills (approximately 2 hours)


Saturday PM

-River trip focusing on using the water to your advantage, stroke placement and efficiency, thus minimising strokes but maximising power (less is more), catching eddies, crossing eddies, creating and using momentum, boofing, group management and more!  Some video analysis will be included in this session.

Saturday Evening

-Pilates for kayakers 

Sunday, October 31, AM

-On shore stretching session as warm up

-Consolidation of skills and warm up from Berlin Wall to the slalom course

-Small group quickfire workshops at the slalom course, with some video analysis


Sunday PM

-Coaching utilising the slalom gates with some timed runs and video analysis

National Training provider Paddle Tasmania
Phone 0497656710
Course Location GPO Box 25
Hobart TAS 7000
Course Cost $ 375.00 Non-members $304 members
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