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Course Sporting Schools Supervisor
Course Dates 23/04/2020 - 01/01/2999
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Paddle Australia is delighted to deliver the Sporting Schools Supervisor qualification. This qualification is to enable registered teachers to deliever the Paddle Australia Sporting Schools program. 


$185 includes 3 years registration

Sporting Schools Supervisor:

The Sporting Schools Supervisor qualification is designed to enable teachers to deliver Paddling via Sporting Schools 


The holder of this qualification is permitted to conduct Sporting Schools programs in Sit on Top craft only in the below environment.

• Enclosed bodies of waters (of example a pool or Dam) with no current and little wind influence.

• Hazards are minimal and there is always ready access to safe landing.

• Distance is no greater than 25m from shore.

• All participants are wearing lifejackets.

To register in the program you will need to create an account in the PA Education system. This is currently separate to any club membership account. After registration, you will be taken to a landing page and receive an email with login details to the education site. Following this email you will receive details of the program link and login 

Completion of the PA Sporting Schools online program is not all that is required to be registered as a Paddle Australia Introductory Coach. The following is to be submitted to PA at

  • Working with Children check/exemption
  • Copy of teacher registration

We wish you all the best in your paddling journey

Mark Thurgood
Participation and Training Manager

National Training provider Paddle Australia
Phone 02 97630670
Delivery Online
Course Cost $ 185.00 Includes 3 years registration
There will be a $90.00 fee to register your qualification with Paddle Australia for 3 years. You will only be invoiced for your PA registration once all requirements for the qualification have been completed and submitted to Paddle Australia.